On the 5th day, Sacrifice & Sharing

“Our lives are a part of something greater than ourselves.” Two days ago, when I heard this quote, it’s truth and severity shook me. It is amazing how many lives we are individually connected to and how many people our life’s choices will consequently improve or destroy. Sacrifice is an underlying factor that no one can live without in life. In making any choice, there … Continue reading On the 5th day, Sacrifice & Sharing

On the 3rd Day, discipline

When I was very young, either 7 or 8years (it could have even been six), I took part in a school pageant. I don’t remember the details, but I remember no one won – or rather, everyone won. Whichever way you looked at it, I was slightly disappointed but that’s not the focus here.  Continue reading “On the 3rd Day, discipline”

Pen to Paper

So when someone asks me “why do you write”, the first thing that rolls off my tongue is; “that’s what comes easier to me” or “I enjoy writing” or “I’m good at it” … But that’s not always true. Most of the time, I’m only 30% confident about the things I write and the process isn’t always as easy as I wish it would be… … Continue reading Pen to Paper

a thing called hope…

On my way to work today, I chanced upon an interesting conversation on the radio. I found it thought-provoking primarily because the hosts of the show seemed to know very little about the kind of reality that other people face, especially those around us. The conversation was built around the news story on immigrants off the Libyan coast that died in a shipwreck. One of … Continue reading a thing called hope…