Episode 24: Sunday

“They were chatting in the living room area when they heard the sounds of the gate opening and a car driving into the compound. Ma Dee sighed and seemed to brace herself.” Continue reading Episode 24: Sunday


Hi Guys!!! November is here!!! And so is our 11th post!!! We are excited about the upcoming new year, and we hope you are too!  We want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has been with us since the first post, and encourage anyone who is seeing this for the first time to read other posts – then like, share and give feedback. As usual, don’t forget to share this with someone.  

Previously on Faith|Hope|Love

As we always do, Barry’s contributions will be written in blue and mine in Italics. Enjoy! Continue reading “Responsibilities”

Fire and Ice…Part II

They were a perfect match. Like matchsticks lit simultaneously, they burnt in sync. rhythmic. like waves.   They complemented each other. they wore each other out. They burned with passion and desire. They froze time and the seasons because the elements were juggle balls and they orbited them.   They withstood the times. He was her prince and she was his sleeping beauty. …to be continued… … Continue reading Fire and Ice…Part II

Episode 14 – Blurred Lines

Hi Guys! So its been a while since I put up an episode of Bitter Honey🙈. I promise to be good from this week on… Here’s a brief description of the series, and the newest episode in the series.  *** Bitter Honey is a Ghanaian-based series, centered around the Quartey family. Kojo Quartey; a taxi driver, his wife Aba; who runs a bank’s canteen, and their three … Continue reading Episode 14 – Blurred Lines