What is it?

I was minding my own business when these words started forming in my head... It sounded pretty so I picked my phone and started writing.... enjoy Maybe it was the way the wind carried her perfume. It was strong. Tickled your nose every time she was around. Maybe it was the way the airwaves whispered … Continue reading What is it?


Quiet Storms

You don't need to speak before the echoes roll in here. You don't have to get drenched to know the raindrops are beating your skin Here, there is more to wind than the dust in eyes and falling trees. This one is a quiet storm. It's on the inside. You feel everything. You know everything. … Continue reading Quiet Storms

The Woman at the Well

I'm desperate and wanting. Waiting and thinking. Dipping and fetching. Hungry and thirsting. Yet, it's not my first time. I've gone full circle. And I'm still searching. Man: Woman, you are thirsty! Your are wilted and dry inside. Woman: You need not say it. For I can feel it and you can see it. I … Continue reading The Woman at the Well

Dear X,

Dear X, You're not just the 24th letter of the alphabet. Yes, it's difficult forming words around you- but maybe that's because of our history. I hated that subject, by the way. History- stories of truths that were and could've led to a whole different lifetime. It's been lifetimes since I thought about this, but … Continue reading Dear X,

Prison Walls

If prison walls could speak Mine would sing sad songs to me They have boxed me in all my life and they would cry their hearts out to me- About how sorry they are... About how they wish they could miss me... They would tell me that they saw too much of me- They would look … Continue reading Prison Walls

She will be loved

dedicated to everyone with the inevitable internal struggle of fear and courage.  Bold woman Scared woman Why won't you Let your self be loved? Why don't you Give out some of your love? Are you to scared to love boldly? Do you think it costs too much? you're an unconventional type. But is that enough reason? Why do … Continue reading She will be loved

Eyes that Speak

I wonder why your insecurities don't match your eyes. You beguile everyone with your exquisite. You don't understand them, but they seem certain you're special. And you are. If only you could see it. But You are the image at the end of the fall. You watched yourself get there- yet you lived it all. You … Continue reading Eyes that Speak

Clear Minds and Broken Hearts

The coast is clear. No, really - the coast is clear There's no sign of you anywhere But you said you'll come for me And I've awaited your return ever since. I have watched the sun set over this horizon for months, And I see no sign of your sails. You said you'll do it for … Continue reading Clear Minds and Broken Hearts

on behalf of The People

See with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes understanding we currently stand under a darkness so compelling, we nearly thought we'd seen the light. We now understand that the former ones had Juvenile blood and that got hot too quick, Shock speedily turned to regret then frustration washed the sand out of our eyes. … Continue reading on behalf of The People