Hi Family!  Happy New Month! We are back with our monthly specials. We were able to put together some lessons we have learnt about Lust. It was the most requested topic when we did the short survey on our IG page. You can watch our previous video with this link.  There was a lot to … Continue reading Lust



Hi Guys!!! Happy New Month!!! Previously on Faith|Hope|Love We’re having all sorts of good vibes about this new month, and we hope you are too!!! For our monthly blog posts, we solicited from our readers and viewers through our IG page, and got a tall list of topics for discussion. One of them was self-control. … Continue reading Self-Control

The proposal

As promised in the previous blog post, here's a story I have kept till the right time to share... A week after I graduated from university, the man I love promised to marry me. I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon, but it was comforting to know that we both wanted it to happen. … Continue reading The proposal

Issa Testimony!

Hi guys! Previously on Faith|Hope|Love (As usual, Barry's texts are in blue, Rabby's contributions are in italics) It has been a while since we posted something in the Faith|Hope|Love section of this blog. We promise to not keep silent for too long.  About a month ago, we finally got the chance to share a piece of our happiness … Continue reading Issa Testimony!

One Good thing… (part 2)

Hi guys!!! I started this story two weeks ago, and I think it’s about time I completed it. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, you can do that here! *** After about an hour, the driver got back into the bus and started to turn the bus around. As we drove … Continue reading One Good thing… (part 2)

Dear Daughter…

Hi guys!!!  A dear friend of mine (Michael) wrote this poem for his daughter. They are beautiful words and he permitted me to share them with you... Enjoy. @Mickie, I'll share this story and many others with her, whenever she arrives.  *** When I have a daughter, I’ll tickle her till she cries from laughter  … Continue reading Dear Daughter…

Miracles and Blessings.

It is DECEMBER, Fam!!! We are so hyped about 2018! Previously on Faith|Hope|Love We want to take this opportunity to say a huge “Thank You!” to everyone who has stayed with this blog series since we started in January. (If you have not read all the blog posts, really - what have you been doing? … Continue reading Miracles and Blessings.

Bended knees, crowns and me

  Hi guys!!! I’m so sorry for the delayed post🙈 … Things have been a little topsy-turvy at this end, and I almost gave up the opportunity to share with you this month 🙈. It’s my turn to do an exclusive (yay!) and I will be sharing on submission, and all that it entails as a … Continue reading Bended knees, crowns and me