Dear Daughter…

Hi guys!!! 

A dear friend of mine (Michael) wrote this poem for his daughter. They are beautiful words and he permitted me to share them with you… Enjoy. @Mickie, I’ll share this story and many others with her, whenever she arrives. 


When I have a daughter,
I’ll tickle her till she cries from laughter  and let her know..
That crying is not always a bad thing;
Sometimes it may blur your vision;
But other times it clears the dirt the world throws into your eyes Continue reading “Dear Daughter…”

Soul Mates

It must’ve been another world or something we must’ve been wholly tied to each other, to a point where we could tell each others’ thoughts, finish each others’ sentences… but thats a story for a different poem somewhere between that world and this, one of us must’ve lost our way. Something must’ve gone wrong, because we should’ve arrived here at the same time probably in … Continue reading Soul Mates