Dreams and Broken Things

Bitter Honey is a Ghana-based series, centered around the Quartey family. Kojo Quartey; a taxi driver, his wife Aba; who runs a bank’s canteen, and their three children; Kuku, Abena and Maama live through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events. The Bitter Honey series tells the story of different bittersweet experiences that build their characters and teach them … Continue reading Dreams and Broken Things


On the 9th day, Vision & Purpose.

Imagine knowing why you were sent on earth, from the very first day you got here. Just think about it; imagine how you will feel when the moment your head pokes out of your mothers’ womb, you are vaguely aware of the mission you are to accomplish. That would be so cool, wouldn’t it?! I … Continue reading On the 9th day, Vision & Purpose.