Clenched Fists, Cold Hearts and Unpaid Debts

It seems as though my creative juices run dry when I have a lot to ponder on. I have been thinking a lot lately, and so, I haven’t been able to put up all the blog posts I would want to. After chewing on this extensively (or so I hope), I would like to share a little I’ve noticed about… well about life – but I’ll start with me (this promises to be long, so brace yourself). Continue reading “Clenched Fists, Cold Hearts and Unpaid Debts”


Watching the waves remind me of you. They don’t remind me of you because of how beautiful the horizon looks, or how pleasant the shoreline feels. They remind me of you because of what they do. Two Steps forward, One step back… Its like they are playing an endless game, tossing themselves as the wind pleases. They can pull anything along with them. Or anyone. They pulled me in, … Continue reading Circles