Hi Family!  Happy New Month! We are back with our monthly specials. We were able to put together some lessons we have learnt about Lust. It was the most requested topic when we did the short survey on our IG page. You can watch our previous video with this link.  There was a lot to … Continue reading Lust


Dating With Purpose

Hi guys!!! It’s the tenth month of the year 2017!!! And I am so so so glad that we have utilized God’s grace in bringing you little nuggets of wisdom each month. Help us celebrate this 10th post, by sharing this post with someone who has never read our blog before, and be a blessing! As … Continue reading Dating With Purpose

Bended knees, crowns and me

  Hi guys!!! I’m so sorry for the delayed post🙈 … Things have been a little topsy-turvy at this end, and I almost gave up the opportunity to share with you this month 🙈. It’s my turn to do an exclusive (yay!) and I will be sharing on submission, and all that it entails as a … Continue reading Bended knees, crowns and me

Looking Deeper…

Sometime last week, my colleague at work was having an issue with a word document she had been working on for about 30 or 40 minutes (could've been more). The content had suddenly disappeared from the word document and she couldn't recover it. In an attempt to help her, I clicked on the undo button … Continue reading Looking Deeper…

Book Review: On Becoming…

Some things are worth exposing, because losing that truth, may cost more than everything you have to lose.

Being Gay Is Unnatural But So Is Walking On Water

I saw this on and loved it…

A few weeks ago, i understood homosexuality in a different way(much like this), that i think may be beneficial to everyone… maybe in the future, i will share my thoughts… it will help if the christian community talked more about this, as they talk about stealing, lying, corruption, adultery, fornication, etc… after all… they’re all on the same scale – neither one is “greater” than the other… and like it or not, we each have our (secret) demons we’re battling with.


Hondred Percent

“Homosexuality is unnatural..” says this book, where snakes talk, apples set an eternal curse, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby!

I saw this post on social media and I must applaud whoever came up with this argument. Its well crafted (just next time give the Bible the respect it deserves and call it out instead of referring to it as “this book”).

I say its well crafted because for a second there, the logic within seems to cement the idea that natural is right and unnatural is wrong. (Thank God that only lasts a second)

As a Christian I realize that such posts have a tendency to ruffle the feathers of Christians throwing us into a so called frenzy of name calling and bashing with phrases like “God save you”, “Burn in hell” and the likes.

I always get…

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On the 3rd Day, discipline

When I was very young, either 7 or 8years (it could have even been six), I took part in a school pageant. I don’t remember the details, but I remember no one won – or rather, everyone won. Whichever way you looked at it, I was slightly disappointed but that’s not the focus here.  Each … Continue reading On the 3rd Day, discipline

On the 2nd Day, Peace

I once had a very interesting conversation with my cousin about what happened when Jesus rebuked the winds and the storm calmed (Reference: Mark 4: 35-39). He said: “You see, when sea waves move to the shore and back, and the wind is blowing gently, there is peace… that’s the natural state of things, called peace. … Continue reading On the 2nd Day, Peace

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away, YAAAYYYY 🎉 🎉 🎉; and to celebrate it on, I’ll be sharing a series of pieces between now and the 25th of December. I was inspired by the 12 days of Christmas carol and I will be telling a tale of 12 attributes. These 12 attributes are … Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Bringing down the Church

Brutal honesty is my thing and it's a good thing. We need more of that in the world