the preparation grounds


It’s been a full six months since we published a proper post (we’re not counting our wedding announcement). What a wonderfully fulfilling six months these have been!!! We want to share with you a glimpse of some lessons we learnt and how God showed himself faithful in this season.

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Once upon an easter service…

Hi guys!!!

It’s easter💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾!!!

I hope you are as excited about this season as I am! (and for the right reasons😉😉)

Here’s a short story for your reading pleasure! Enjoy🤗🤗🤗!


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12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away, YAAAYYYY 🎉 🎉 🎉; and to celebrate it on, I’ll be sharing a series of pieces between now and the 25th of December. I was inspired by the 12 days of Christmas carol and I will be telling a tale of 12 attributes.

These 12 attributes are twelve identifiable blessing that I have come to realize have ben made available to me through God’s word. Reminiscing the faithfulness of God throughout the year 2016, and I am excited to share 12 gifts my true love has given to me.

About my True Love…

(As expressed on the “He is…” album)

Allow me to introduce… to try to introduce to you who He is…

He spoke the beginning into being and in the beginning, he is the seed of woman.

The seed whose heel is to be bruised.

He is the creator of creation, The One who created a bridge even before the divide.

He is the deliverer of His people; The Passover lamb whose blood forces death to pass over us.

He is the High Priest who intercedes for his chosen

In the day, He is a cloud. In the night, a fire.

He is a Pillar and Refuge; the one true Judge of the living and the dead

He is the perfect groom

He is The Voice of the prophets calling out to his people

He is the shekinah glory filling his temple, the rebuilder of walls, replacing ashes with beauty, He is MY perfecter and shepherd…

He is the Good Shepherded.

He is my friend, teacher and savior, Jesus Christ.

The attributes I will be sharing over the next 12 days are not just attributes that have been made available to me, but they are ones that Christ Jesus exhibited during His lifetime.

I hope you enjoy this series.

See you tomorrow!!!

Pen to Paper

So when someone asks me “why do you write”, the first thing that rolls off my tongue is; “that’s what comes easier to me” or “I enjoy writing” or “I’m good at it” … But that’s not always true. Most of the time, I’m only 30% confident about the things I write and the process isn’t always as easy as I wish it would be… I say it anyway (let’s call it a form of wishful thinking).

I’ve been thinking long and hard about why I write. Since I graduated from university, I have been haunted by a quote the class speaker made in his speech. It was very simple – light, even. You could’ve easily missed it if it didn’t matter to you and it said:

“If you dream of becoming a writer,

do not be afraid to put pen to paper”

-Festus Emmanuel Jartu

After months of long hard thinking, I had the opportunity to attend Kpodola’s writing workshop and I learnt that I should write for myself (summary). For some reason, this lesson reminded me of the graduation speech quote and I’m glad it did.

I write because there is a voice that needs to be heard.

There is something to be said about every situation and it helps to have it said / written. A lot of times, I find my mind drifting off into imaginary scenarios and how I would feel if that scenario was my reality. Based on that, I tend to write a poem or put down some thoughts. In spite of the very active imagination I have, I enjoy self-reflective moments where I am able to assess myself and some decisions I make and speak about it.

What I have come to understand is, there are a lot of people who may be in similar situations and will feel stuck – or helpless. If ever anyone ‘in a situation’ needs to hear a voice of reason – or a voice they can identify with, I write to be just that. It makes me feel better, knowing I’m helping someone out.

I’ve been through a lot of situations where I had wished to speak to someone who had been through the same thing before – and had found none. Maybe, they hadn’t made themselves available to be found? I don’t know, but I know there are very few things that are worse than being alone.

It is important to be a source of light and a vessel of truth in a world that is turning darker by the day… Many people have learnt so much for themselves and that’s good – but there should be a way you share those lessons with others and we should all be ready do that.  The internet and social media has made that possible. You don’t have to write blog posts, but at least put more edification in the system as opposed to the excessive rubbish we encounter – it may help in so many ways, and more than you can imagine.

I write to be a voice that can be found when needed… even if – especially if it is my voice that went missing.


The Liebster Award


Thank you so much,  @ordinarybynana For nominating me for the Liebster Award!

Its really encouraging to have been nominated as a newly discovered blog. yay! 🙂

Following The Official Rules of the Liebster Award, i’m going to answer 11 questions about myself.

  1. What is your strongest conviction?

My strongest conviction is that I exist to fulfill a purpose, and that purpose revolves around and is rooted in Jesus.

  1. How would you describe yourself in one word?


  1. In 30 years’ time, at this particular moment, what would you like to be doing, and where would you like to be?

Probably writing my 6th book. Or sitting with my husband and children, not doing anything in particular.

  1. What is your name? Does it inform in any way, your perception about yourself?

My name has NO influence in my perception about myself. AT ALL. I Think if anything, it set the bar for what I should NOT be. LOL! And this is why:

My name is Ewurabena Ewudziwa Hagan.

Ewurabena – (Literally translated) Lady born on Tuesday.

Ewudziwa – (In fante it means) Wickedness / Murderess

Hagan – -_-… Its my father’s name. I don’t know the meaning, please.

  1. If you were hosting your favourite people to dinner, what would you cook for them?

I would really not cook, if it were my favourite people. LOL! We’d probably decide a menu, based on how we’re feeling at the time, and cook together. 😀

  1. If you would someday write a book, what genre would it be?

This is a difficult question to answer. I did write a book, it was drama. I wrote another that didn’t get published and was horror/adventure

The next one I would like to work on will be based on a true story and will be a little bit of comedy, mystery, adventure, and romance.

  1. Do you or did you like school?

HA! So this question is hard to answer. I hated learning. -_- but I loved the experience of meeting new people and experiencing school drama.

  1. If you are Christian, what is your favorite bible verse? If not, have you heard any that you liked?

I am a Christian; I think it changes as I discover more of God. The very first I fell in love with was: Ecclesiastes 3:! ‘To everything, there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven.’

Currently, it is: John 17. 3 “…  and this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’

Somewhere between those two, my favorite was: Ecclesiastes 12:13 ‘This is the end of the matter. All has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.’

  1. What is the most beautiful thing to you?

I am a very indecisive person but for the sake of this questionnaire, I will say beautiful scenery. (Mind you, this varies from a mother breastfeeding her baby, to a sunset, to the ocean’s waves, to the horizon at night)

  1. Listening or talking, which one do you enjoy doing most?

Oh wow… this is hard. I don’t think I can pick between the two. This will definitely be talking. I think I have a lot to say about a lot of things. 🙂

  1. Who or what would you never forget? Why?

What: I will never forget my mistakes. They’re pretty much stuck in my head permanently.

Who: This is a very long list, I’ll rather not bore you with it. 🙂


The next instruction, eleven Facts about me!!!

Here we go…

  1. I love the color black
  2. I’m obsessed with babies
  3. I let offences go easily
  4. I enjoy daydreaming
  5. I enjoy streaming TV shows (series)
  6. Im not a fan of cake.
  7. If its not Snickers, don’t talk to me
  8. They say I’ve written two books. I actually published two.
  9. I enjoy singing
  10. Kelewele is forever. Jollof should take a seat.
  11. I would like to dance for a living. Like be a choreographer.

Each of the following blogs have personally made me gasp at least once because of their posts. They inspire me, and they’re worth every read (in my opinion).

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If you choose to accept this nomination, kindly answer these questions.

  1. What would you want to be remembered for when you die. (We will all die one day.)
  2. What’s you’re take on forgiveness?
  3. Pizza or Jollof?
  4. What is your strongest conviction?
  5. Do you believe in love? Why?
  6. Have you ever been bullied? Or have you ever bullied anyone? What do you remember most about that experience.
  7. Apart from writing, what talent do you have, or wish you had?