Bitter Honey – The Series.

The series isn’t designed to have an end. It is a depiction of life, its beauty, pain, successes, losses, etc that everyday people experience


BOOK REVIEW: Everything, Everything

  Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Warning: I WILL spoil it for you, so if you intend to read the book or watch the movie, don’t finish reading this blog post! (That’s not true… I tried for you – finish reading!) I saw the movie trailer on my Facebook timeline on Wednesday. I loved it. I … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Everything, Everything

Pen to Paper

So when someone asks me “why do you write”, the first thing that rolls off my tongue is; “that’s what comes easier to me” or “I enjoy writing” or “I’m good at it” … But that’s not always true. Most of the time, I’m only 30% confident about the things I write and the process … Continue reading Pen to Paper


Some situations  force you to act differently. Sometimes that's the best thing for you, even if it brings out "the worst" in you. *** It was the first of many to come- Finding myself where i don't want to be, doing what i don't want to do, being less than what is expected... It was the … Continue reading Caged


sometimes i speak to myself. sometimes it helps. Woman. I see all that you are And all that you are scared to be. I see where you are from and how it haunts and cripples you. Woman. There is more to you. I see you and all that you can be, all that you want to … Continue reading Woman

Sun, set on me…

The Sunset is beautiful, it reflects my hue. The sunset is beautiful, I am too. The sunset is beautiful, but I'd rather look away. I'll do to it what you do to me everyday. I could wrap myself up and tear me to shreds... instead, i'll savour what's left and shelve my fears. my imperfections are glass and … Continue reading Sun, set on me…

Caption This… or not… whichever you like… :)

So my cousin and I did this thing on Instagram a while back; he posted a couple of art pieces and I  captioned them with a bunch of rhyming words 😂. It was fun. Thunder my heart and thunder my storm. Thunder my veins they bleed purple venom. Feeling the sunshine and the rain, I'd probably relive it over … Continue reading Caption This… or not… whichever you like… 🙂