Prison Walls

If prison walls could speak Mine would sing sad songs to me They have boxed me in all my life and they would cry their hearts out to me- About how sorry they are... About how they wish they could miss me... They would tell me that they saw too much of me- They would look … Continue reading Prison Walls


She will be loved

dedicated to everyone with the inevitable internal struggle of fear and courage.  Bold woman Scared woman Why won't you Let your self be loved? Why don't you Give out some of your love? Are you to scared to love boldly? Do you think it costs too much? you're an unconventional type. But is that enough reason? Why do … Continue reading She will be loved


As my head is stayed from sleep, I pray the Lord my dreams to keep should I tire before they're made Oh Lord, I pray; 'come to my aid But lo my heart as stubborn is Again, to fear has yielded will where I did quiver, I shiver still My dreams as is, I dread … Continue reading Insomnia


Sometimes remembering is good Not what is remembered, but what you give your mind as food. I have memories that make me cringe- Memories I wish existed only in my head- Memories that say what I should’ve done instead. Like past tense All the flashbacks are gone Scripted and acted scenes that can’t be undone … Continue reading Figments


Words are jumbled up in my mind It's taking a lot more than usual to write them down.   I know what they mean. I know what they're saying. I just don't know how to communicate it. I'm still figuring out if I want to.   I know I owe you this much at least... … Continue reading Silence


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She has a very wide smile-  Wide and rare. She has wide hips too - cocooned in neat thickness She has the roundest cheeks you could imagine - perfect succulent circles Like there were hidden pebbles in them. She's honest through and through- You could hear it in her laugh- If you are lucky to hear … Continue reading Her

Eyes that Speak

I wonder why your insecurities don't match your eyes. You beguile everyone with your exquisite. You don't understand them, but they seem certain you're special. And you are. If only you could see it. But You are the image at the end of the fall. You watched yourself get there- yet you lived it all. You … Continue reading Eyes that Speak

Ashes… then beauty

I saw a walking cemetery. She was a sight to behold. Her steps were littered with dread, Her presence sensed before she was seen. There was just an aura about her that sent chills down your spine. Her smile- a radiant grimace, graciously danced on her lips, And her lips were cracked with unending efforts … Continue reading Ashes… then beauty

Muscle Colours

❤️ Those are the passionate ones. The ones who bleed zeal and show it. The unapologetic ones. They’re the red hearts. 💛 These are young and full of life. They exude youth as keenly as the sun exudes light. Theirs is rainbows and unicorns. They’re the yellow hearts. 💚 These are the warm ones. They … Continue reading Muscle Colours