What is it?

I was minding my own business when these words started forming in my head… It sounded pretty so I picked my phone and started writing…. enjoy

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Hi guys!!

So I was thinking about the concept of  change, and this poem came up…

Its interesting the various interpretations I’ve gotten from it, but I hope you enjoy this.

Happy Reading!

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Figurine Rain-dance

Paint me a picture

Draw me up as a figurine

Make me what I’m not.

I will be your puppet

Until the wind blows.

Then, I will dance.

A light happy dance

like the trees do when there are storms.

But when I dance,

there will be no storm,

no lightning, no rain.

There may be thunder

and it will roar to the beat of my dance-steps

Dear Daughter…

Hi guys!!! 

A dear friend of mine (Michael) wrote this poem for his daughter. They are beautiful words and he permitted me to share them with you… Enjoy. @Mickie, I’ll share this story and many others with her, whenever she arrives. 


When I have a daughter,
I’ll tickle her till she cries from laughter  and let her know..
That crying is not always a bad thing;
Sometimes it may blur your vision;
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Amidst the endless stream of lights,

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Quiet Storms

You don’t need to speak before the echoes roll in here.

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A prayer

I have heartache…
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The Woman at the Well

I’m desperate and wanting.
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Man in the Mirror

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Dear X,

Dear X,

You’re not just the 24th letter of the alphabet.

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