Once upon an easter service…

Hi guys!!! It's easter💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾!!! I hope you are as excited about this season as I am! (and for the right reasons😉😉) Here's a short story for your reading pleasure! Enjoy🤗🤗🤗! *** We both had an understanding that he is not a ‘church-person.’ That is why I was particularly excited when he got up and got … Continue reading Once upon an easter service…


One Good thing… (part 2)

Hi guys!!! I started this story two weeks ago, and I think it’s about time I completed it. If you haven’t read the first part of this story, you can do that here! *** After about an hour, the driver got back into the bus and started to turn the bus around. As we drove … Continue reading One Good thing… (part 2)

One Good Thing…

Hi Guys! It has been long – but it is never too late to read a good story! I was inspired by a colleague's story to put this fictional piece together. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment and share! Happy Reading! It was supposed to be a 12-hour journey, one … Continue reading One Good Thing…

The Scene

Hi guys!!! I have been very silent for a little too long. Forgive me. I am putting together amazing things for your reading pleasure in the year 2018. I pray the plans will pull through. In the meantime, I intend to make the rest of 2017 count. This is a short story – I hope … Continue reading The Scene


Sophia stared at the raindrops as they smashed into the mesh behind the closed louver blades. She knew that because of her weak immune system condition, she was prone to catching pneumonia - but she really wanted to dance in the rain. The first time she did it, about 5 years ago, she nearly died. … Continue reading Longing…


The first day I met her, “beautiful” was the last thing on my mind. The dress she had on was terrible and her face told the same story. There was nothing more unattractive than a woman uncomfortable in her skin. Yet here I was, 10ft away from the most insecure woman in the room, in … Continue reading Pink


  Pomaa was bored out of her mind. She counted the minutes that passed and passively drummed on the notepad on her lap.  She was trying her best to be patient, but she had doodled all she could, and the meeting refused to come to an end. It seemed to her that the managers didn’t … Continue reading Exposed!

All I want for Christmas

She usually liked Christmas. The season was always filled with laughter and happiness. But not this one. She usually enjoyed listening to carols; the sweet serenading sounds of vocalists would always flood her body with peace – but not this time. Now, every darn carol reminded her of his voice. Angela was miserable, and she … Continue reading All I want for Christmas

Chasing Dreams

The Mpeasem villagers couldn’t remember the last time the sun’s rays were so harsh and Kwakyewaa couldn’t have been more glad. The icy feel of the wind against her cheeks were getting too familiar. As she walked towards the stream, she tilted her head back, and allowed the sun to blind her eyes shut. She … Continue reading Chasing Dreams


Esther enjoyed quiet nights. She loved admiring the night sky and was fascinated by windows. Her favorite window at home was the one in her bedroom. It was a big glass window with white wooden casings. It helped her ‘think bigger’. She really disliked mirrors or reflective surfaces of any kind but that window was … Continue reading Cravings