Lone Racer

Life is like race between cat & rat. But rat mostly wins because cat runs for food rat runs for life. Always remember purpose is more important then need. Good morning Fila1 #NyameNeHene My colleague received the above message on whatsapp early one morning (note, its verbatim). She didn’t get it and initially, neither did... Continue Reading →

Walking Trees…

I had the opportunity to share something I learnt on a Whatsapp group chat… It was something I enjoyed learning and so I turned the Bible Study into a blog post. Enjoy. I encountered the bible passage in a TV series I started last week. In the series, the bible passage came up when a... Continue Reading →

Looking Deeper…

Sometime last week, my colleague at work was having an issue with a word document she had been working on for about 30 or 40 minutes (could've been more). The content had suddenly disappeared from the word document and she couldn't recover it. In an attempt to help her, I clicked on the undo button... Continue Reading →

Repeated Thoughts and Confessions

Since I turned 23 last week, this song has been on my mind... and I would like to share it with you... It speaks a lot to me, probably because I used to (sometimes still do) have a mindset similar to the lyrics in the first verse... This song has been a blessing in different ways, and I... Continue Reading →

may we never forget

On my way to work this morning, I could (as is usual after it rains a while,) see evidence of last night’s heavy downpour. There is a shortcut I take everyday that gets me to work in about 20 minutes and today, while on that road, I learnt something about myself that I would like... Continue Reading →

100 things that make me happy

I’ve forgotten where I originally saw it, but it was somewhere in the last quarter of the year 2016.  Since then, I decided to write one as well.  Yes, it took me about 4 months to complete this list, but in my defense, I’ve not been actively trying to complete it. I had told myself... Continue Reading →

The Last Daughter

The past few months have been emotional, reflective and very exciting. Usually within the last two weeks of January, I realize I’m almost a year older and start the journey of self-reflection and self assessment. Mind you, this is a totally different episode from what I go through on December 31st. This year, my self-assessment... Continue Reading →

On the 12th Day, Love

  When I first got the idea to do the 12 days of Christmas series, I was convinced it will be a tough challenge. I’m happy to say I had no idea what I was talking about. Yes, it was a challenge, but the Grace has been sufficient and I am really excited that I... Continue Reading →

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