selfie on a good day- LOL!

I am Ewurabena and honestly, its taken longer than normal to write this, simply because I don’t enjoy talking about myself. I give (and get) a better glimpse of who I am through the  fictional characters I write about. I uncovered my writing talent very early in my life but I took a couple of wrong turns with it, and I am attempting to get back on track.

I love literature and I admire various forms of art. I’m a runaway writer, an imperfect perfectionist, an optimistic worrier, a growing Christian, and a learner of life. Nice to meet you!

On this blog, I write about experiences, thoughts, fears, wishes, stories, poems, and probably more (which haven’t been thought up yet). I have a wild imagination, so i am usually able to write about things I’ve not experienced – when i do write about things i have experienced, i find it difficult opening up completely.

‘ewurabenawrites.com’ is simply me on a journey… i would love it if you follow this blog and stick with me each step of the way.

You can find more information on my “professional profile” here, You can contact me through my Facebook page, or tweet at me!

Thank you for stopping by…

Stay blessed!


9 replies on “EwurabenaWrites.Com

    1. Thank you so much, Patricia! I think it just depends on you – i had (have) issues with frequency and improvement. The blog and feedback i get from it has helped me improve a lot. You could start a blog of your own, or keep journals too… you never know who you’re meant to bless with your gift. 🙂


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