As my head is stayed from sleep,
I pray the Lord my dreams to keep
should I tire before they’re made
Oh Lord, I pray; ‘come to my aid

But lo my heart as stubborn is
Again, to fear has yielded will
where I did quiver, I shiver still
My dreams as is, I dread to miss

When my hands have worked the plough,
muscles ache, sweat stains the brow
zeal has swallowed up my will
But – oh my heart is brim-notch filled

Dear Lord, I long to sleep and dream
to see what was, what is and will be
But my eyes see struggles stay intact
When nights is fallen and lids are shut

So As I lay my head to sleep,
O Lord, away my troubles sweep
And if You can, before I wake,
I crave sweet peace my soul to take

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