100 things that make me happy

I’ve forgotten where I originally saw it, but it was somewhere in the last quarter of the year 2016.  Since then, I decided to write one as well.  Yes, it took me about 4 months to complete this list, but in my defense, I’ve not been actively trying to complete it. I had told myself that if January’s end, I hadn’t completed it, I will post it and update as I got new things.

It’s a long list, so I’ll just get straight to it.

  1. GOOD Waakye
  2. Kelewele
  3. Star-lit skies
  4. Pothole-less roads
  5. How clear the sky looks the morning after a heavy rain
  6. Learning new recipes
  7. Late night snacks
  8. Sunsets
  9. Tori Kelly
  10. BREAD
  11. GOOD Movies
  12. Being home alone
  13. Driving Alone
  14. House Visits to friends
  15. Ginger Biscuits
  16. Prayer Meetings
  17. Cold Nights
  18. Rain!!!
  19. Power Naps (at work)
  20. Road Trips
  21. Meeting a set goal
  22. Ice-cream
  23. TV Series
  24. Netflix
  25. Having nothing to do at home
  26. Finishing a task on my bucket list
  27. Food in general
  28. Answered Prayers
  29. Intellectual Conversations
  30. PPP 😊
  31. Taking Selfies
  32. My baby niece, Kuukua
  33. Spending time with *The Roomies*
  34. Driving on the Motorway (when there’s no traffic)
  35. Family Reunions
  36. Swimming
  37. When others say I’m funny, when I’m really not.
  38. Jazz Music
  39. Going on Dates with Alan 😊
  40. Baking with my sister
  41. Planning for the future with Alan
  42. Reuniting with childhood family -friends
  43. Reading
  44. Going on Holidays
  45. Blogging
  46. Singing
  47. Goofing around with Alan
  48. Dancing
  49. Singing “Flying without wings” with the family
  50. Christmas mornings
  51. Joyful Way Concerts
  52. Opening Presents
  53. Organizing Events
  54. The Word of God
  55. The sound the ATM makes when it is about to dispense cash.
  56. An unexpected compliment from Alan
  57. An unexpected compliment from anyone too
  58. Daydreaming
  59. Talking about life with Michael Quansah
  60. Memories of fun times at Ashesi
  61. Akotowaa’s blog posts. (always)
  62. Calvis Hammond’s ministrations
  63. Old pictures (digging up archives that have been forgotten)
  64. How Ghanaians take the World Cup and AFCON so personal!
  65. Tasha Cobbs
  66. Having my nails done
  67. Learning from Spirit & Debbie
  68. On 2016 Whatsapp Chat: Missing drama and reading through after everything has happened
  69. Beach Days!
  70. Spontaneous Hangouts
  71. Travelling
  72. The idea of me being fit
  73. A buffet table with plantain 😊
  74. Talking to Alan
  75. Being honest about issues
  76. Perk Biscuits
  77. Digestive Biscuits
  78. A Koko King Breakfast
  79. People playing the guitar
  80. Sleep
  81. Worship
  82. Leading Praises
  83. Miriam & Reuben Larmies’ Whatsapp Statuses.
  84. When people appreciate the “little things” I do
  85. Writing
  86. Feeling Comfortable (wearing flip-flops instead of shoes / sandals😊)
  87. Feeling pretty😊 (Like when I dress up)
  88. Designing (or rather, making a good effort to)
  89. Music
  90. Getting Confirmation that I am in the will of God
  91. Pay Day!!!
  92. Natural Hair
  93. Dancing in the rain
  94. My Bluetooth Speakers
  95. Babies
  96. Dag Heward-Mills’ sermons
  97. Esther Addei’s edits on my blog posts 😊
  98. Alan’s pep talks
  99. Learning new things about myself
  100. The fact that I finished this list.

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