POEMS from Kpodola 10 Poetry Workshop



REMINISCENCE by Fafa Macauley

You used to be happy. And in those times I was happy too.
The first time we woke up beside each other,
I remember your smile as you beamed good morning.
I remember the selfies you looked so ugly in.
I remember us laughing at your receding hairline.
Then I remember the rain.
I remember you looking down at the mud,
While I counted the raindrops.
I remember the smile that was supposed to break,
But never did.
And I remember the text that broke my heart,
β€œI’m sorry. I don’t want to be happy.”

There is a nonchalant, no-nonsense, little feeling air about Fafa, but her writing brings all the feels, every single one of it. – Poetra Asantewa

Processed with VSCOCAGED by Ewurabena

It was the first of many to come-
I find myself where I don’t want to be,
doing what I don’t want to…

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