on behalf of The People

See with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes understanding

we currently stand under a darkness so compelling, we nearly thought we’d seen the light.

We now understand that the former ones had Juvenile blood and that got hot too quick,

Shock speedily turned to regret then frustration washed the sand out of our eyes. We watched as you broke down our walls and distorted the image of us, setting us back a few years – that’s fine

We have been scorned to death, and our bones are weary of you.

On behalf of the people, We have placed our fragile heart in your hands, believing that you’re our current hope.

We are old enough to discern that the older we get the wiser we become…

we are wiser than we were four years ago, and will be even more so, after this next lap

Pray, hold our hearts and don’t decay it with grief…

there’s an elastic demand on the tug of our heart’s strings.

time does all the changing here and it’s been a while

it is here now, but it turns at will.

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