Let me Let You know

It breaks my heart to know we’re world’s apart

It wasn’t like this before – when there seemed no road we hadn’t crossed before.

But now you’ve changed – or maybe, changed.

how will i be sure, if you wouldn’t let me know?

You never trusted me to begin with; if that is the case.

i’d be a huge liar if i tell you it’s not hard to see your face

Your grimace when i walk up to you – you won’t know;

because now that’s a reflex action too

but how can you find out, if you won’t let me tell you.

i understand it may be very hard…

i’m supposed to be your friend

i thought we’d been through good and bad

maybe it wasn’t pretence; maybe it was.

how will i know if you just won’t let me know

i’ve missed the times when we used to sit and chat

i’ve missed those silly fights when we hated each other’s guts

i’ve missed your genuine laugh and the way you made me smile

i’ve missed you. And i wonder if you’ve missed me too

but you don’t know. yes, you wouldn’t know

how would you?

if you won’t let me let you know?

This poem was written many years ago, when I was having The Other Heartbreak… 

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