Secret Sins & Pretty Faces

Tell me what you see when you see me.
Do you see what you want to see?
Or do you see what is?
Look long and hard beyond the veil.
What you see is neither shadow nor reflection.
It’s alien to me.
It’s your misconstrued image of me.
It’s something I wish I could be
I see a lot when I look in the mirror:
potential. possibility. pain.
The pain of my past; indelible marks it left behind
The potential of this soul to rise above that pain
And the possibility of making something out of nothing;
Out of this.
My reflection.
I wish you see what I see when I look at me.
But wishes are not horses,
And demons are not visible
secret sins have this angel bound
and she’s definitely not the only one around
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s the shadiest of them all?

4 thoughts on “Secret Sins & Pretty Faces

  1. The secret sins huh? Thank God for grace and the knowledge that we can soar above the pain. What do I see when I look? I see a new wo/man, a brand new person, I see freedom!

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