Fire for Fire

Her hair was fire.

wavy tongues of fire.

She was beautiful before she met you,

and you took it away.

it was this beauty that drew you to her

and you stuck to her and drained her; a leach

but you were a leach with good intentions

Or so she thought.

Her heart was a flame

It kept her warm when the world got cold

you were her world… her ever cold world

you seeped through her walls and poked her at her weak spots

she let you in, hoping you’ll kindle her

but she was wrong

Her eyes wore a furious blaze

you stole her dignity and her spark.

Now she wants it back.

you’ve created a reputation for yourself

she heard from a lot of girls that you stole a lot of things.

They’re mad as hell.

And you’re the devil in sheep’s skin.

you’ve infuriated a swarm of bees.

They know about you and your devices.

they’ll set fire to your reign

and you won’t even know what hit you.

5 thoughts on “Fire for Fire

  1. When I was reading this, it was like it was written without the imagery saf. 😂
    Ei, my goodness. It really does sound like someone is in trouble.


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