Keep AwakeSomeone sent me the link to this via whatsapp, and captioned it:

‘Our Country is in dire straits. Unless we keep awake, she would fall apart. ‘

I honestly believe it is a call to prayer :)… and i’m grateful to @ordinaryperspectives for this read 🙂

Oddinary Perspectives

Keep Awake

Keep awake, child

You do not let it pass while you are in a daze

You must keep awake

Lest lying dogs sleep comfortably

You must keep awake

For the cock whose crow you await has gone to roost

It is the middle of the day, but you must strive to keep awake

Keep awake, do not sleep when it is mayday,

Set your hands to the task, you must do it yourself

For the elephant to whom you look has a broken tusk

And can no more lift your burdens

You must keep awake

The clouds have gathered and you have laid out your grains under the shadowed sun

When the rain’s about to come down, you must keep awake because the umbrella’s worn and in tatters and past repair.

You must keep awake, child, else your mealy meal would be washed away like the deception of…

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