An Unlooking God?

Interesting thoughts by Jude Sackey…. 🙂


        One of the most common perceptions about God is that He sits back and watches all the evil in the world transpire even though He has the power to stop it. I’ve heard countless atheists use the argument that if God exists why are people dying of starvation, being killed en masse in plane crashes and natural disasters and other kinds of evil. Basically, why should a good God allow evil to exist in the world He created? I will attempt to answer this question, not the question of the existence of God. I hope you get the difference. The popular (and correct) answer is that satan is the one responsible for all the chaos and confusion in the world. However, this answer is quite unsatisfactory because, as one agnostic pointed out to me, God is much more powerful than the devil and thus nothing can…

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